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“We would like to congratulate all of the winners for their achievements, contributions and for what they’ve done to shine a spotlight on the health and wellness community. Seeing so many great voices in extraordinary patient, caregiver, and HCP personalized experiences captured on film and video is incredibly moving and thought-provoking.”

-Tracey Yaw, Cinehealth Festival Director

  • FEATURE FILM: Cancer Rebellion

       Credits: Director: Hernan Barangan

  • SHORT FILM: Research Detectives: Finding Loss Memory

       Credits: Producer: Penelope Douglas

  • ​EPISODIC SERIES: A Life Worth Running

       Credits: Director: Max Casanova

       Producer: Max Casanova

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SHORT: Bizarre Medical Facts from 20 YouTube Doctors

       Executive Producer: Doctor Mike

       Managing Editor and Producer: Sam Bowers

  • PODCAST: The Cancer Mavericks

       Credits: Executive Producers: Matthew Zachary, Steve Lickteig, Andrew MacDowell

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