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A platform for creative expression and immersive entertainment, CINEHEALTH supports emerging and established voices, discovers award-winning filmmakers, curates innovative and interactive experiences, and introduces new technology and ideas through film premieres, post-screening performances, panels, and live experiences.


Submission requirements for the Feature Film category consist of feature-length (40 minutes or longer) narrative and documentary filmsFeature films selected to participate in CINEHEALTH will be shown in the category determined most appropriate by festival programmers, in their sole discretion.


Submission requirements for the Short Films category consist of short-length (under 40 minutes) narrative, documentary, animated, experimental films that are not television commercials or used as television commercials. Short films selected to participate in CINEHEALTH will be shown in the category determined most appropriate by festival programmers, in their sole discretion.




Submission requirements for the Episodic Series category consist of episodic projects created for broadcast television and/or streaming, and web series. Submitted projects must contain at least 2 episodes and show the potential for serial growth; standalone short films will not be considered. 



Submission requirements for the Social Media Shorts category consist of short form video content created for distribution in social media platforms, including TikToks, Reels and Shorts, along with other forms of short form social media content. 



Recognizing the importance of audio storytelling, the Festival will curate an official selection of podcasts and audio stories. Projects selected for CINEHEALTH will be reviewed by a diverse jury of storytellers. 


CINEHEALTH will accept the following:

  • The first episode of any narrative-driven podcast (6 minutes - 60 minutes in length)

  • One stand-alone audio piece (6 minutes - 75 minutes in length)

  • The first chapter of an audiobook (6 minutes - 30 minutes in length)

  • Other Requirements:

    • English-language only

    • Only one (1) episode per series may be submitted

    • The first episode of the story must be submitted

    • You may submit the first episode of a new season of a podcast

    • However, judging will be based solely on the material submitted

Feature Films
Short Films
Episodic Series
Social Meda
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