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A platform for creative expression and immersive entertainment, CINEHEALTH supports emerging and established voices, discovers award-winning filmmakers, curates innovative and interactive experiences, and introduces new technology and ideas through film premieres, post-screening performances, panels, and live experiences.

Feature Films Selections


  • Cancer Rebellion

       Credits: Director: Hernan Barangan

  • Matter of Mind: My ALS

       Credits: Directed by Anna Moot-Levin & Laura Green

       Produced by David Alvarado, Laura Green, Anna Moot-Levin, Jason Sussberg


  • Securing the Real Mission: Palo Alto Networks for Healthcare

       Directors: Alex Yakubov, Aiden Fishbein

       Producers: Aiden Fishbein, Jeff Carter, and Viewstream production team

  • The Creative High

       Credits: Adriana Marchione, Director Dianne Griffin, Producer Kirk Goldberg

  • Cybersecurity for the changing world of healthcare

       Credits: Director: Alex Yakubov Director: Aiden Fishbein

       Producer: Aiden Fishbein, and extended Viewstream production team

Short Films Selections


  • Justified Medical Mistrust: Acknowledging the Past to Change the Future: How Does a Clinical Trial Benefit Me?

       Credits: Executive Producer: Cancer Support Community

       Produced by: Eucharia Borden and Audrey Davis

       Director: JW Perkins


  • Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV

       Credits: Cinematography by Davina “Dee” Conner, Pablo Zanardi de Castro


  • The Strength We Share

       Credits: Director: Evan Gardner

       Producer: Evan Gardner


  • Faithfully

       Credits: Writer/Director/Producer - Chad Smathers

       Writer/Producer/Lead Actress - Kirstin Pfeiffer


  • Porfyri Lemonia

       Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus


  • Orange

       Credits: Director: Elena Ruiz Amann


  • No Offense

       Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus



       Credits: Director: Dimitris Andjus


  • The Routine

       Credits: Director Dimitris Andjus


  • ADHD

       Credits: Idea & Scriptwriter: Nourhan Ezz


  • Molecules of Destiny

Credits: Director: Massimo Ivan Falsetta


  • Love Don’t Bully

       Credits: MESA/ Middle School Students at Turquoise Trail, Santa Fe, New               Mexico


  • Choose the Healthy Way!

       Credits: Directors: Zoran Kubura, Bojan Hadžiabdić


  • My Dad is Orange

       Credits: Director: Elle Ralph

       Producer: James Davis

  • Ian, a Moving Story

       Credits: Director: Abel Goldfarb

       Producer: Juan José Campanella


  • Water, Star Medicine

       Credits: Dr. Lisa Spencer and Santa Fe Students through MESA


  • Research Detectives: Finding Loss Memory

       Credits: Producer: Penelope Douglas


  • Hope is Here: Working Towards Independence

       Credits: Producer: Linda Corley

Episodic Series Selections


  • A Life Worth Running

       Credits: Director: Max Casanova

       Producer: Max Casanova


  • How Cedars-Sinai Treat GI Cancers

       Credits: Producer Jonathon Sommers


  • Cancer Brief

       Credits: Producer Jonathon Sommers


  • The Human Body

       Credits: Producer Bruce Blausen


  • Brain Mapping Used in Epilepsy Treatment | Living Minute

       Credits: Producer - Penelope Douglas


  • Maryon Stewart's Menopause Moment

       Credits: Host & Writer: Maryon Stewart  

Social Meda Selections


  • PatientPoint Academy: Decision Fatigue

       Credits: Director/Sr. Producer: Drew Muckell


  • Patient Journey: Multiple Myeloma

       Credits: Director/Sr. Producer: Drew Muckell


  • Tips for Managing Eczema at Night

       Credits: Writer: Ellen Lewis

       Animator: Clint Woods


  • Autism (Poor Visual Communication)      

       Credits: Art Director & Animation: Mahmoud Mokhtar


  • Bizarre Medical Facts from 20 YouTube Doctors

       Executive Producer: Doctor Mike

       Managing Editor and Producer: Sam Bowers


  • My Most Extreme Patient Encounters

       Executive Producer: Doctor Mike

       Managing Editor and Producer: Sam Bowers


  • Postpartum Depression

        Credits: Marketing Manager: Saber Helal

Audo Selections


  • The Cancer Mavericks

Credits: Executive Producers: Matthew Zachary, Steve Lickteig, Andrew MacDowell

  • Inside Mental Health

Credits: Creator and Host:  Gabe Howard


  • An Arm & A Leg

Credits: Creator & Host: Dan Weissmann

Associate Producer: Emily Pisacreta


  • Doctors Without Borders

Credits: Creator & Host Nick Owen


  • NPR “Pulse”

Credits: Executive Producer & Host: Maiken Scott


  • The Addiction Help Podcast

Credits: Producers: Chris Carberg, Michael Moesch

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